Partners services

Advice agricultural processing aid and crop insurance.

Technical service led by our Agricultural Engineer, a specialist in fruit-growing, are designed to provide the general partner integrated advice and custom farming techniques on:

  • Correct use of irrigation water. Optimización de recursos. Optimising resources.
  • Rational Utilization of fertilizers, in order to twice reduce costs and maximize results
  • Correct use of pesticides, according to respect for the environment and no waste.
  • Work culture such as pruning, harvesting, handling fruit, etc
  • Management, aid, paperwork, etc

Supplies agricultural fertilizers, plant protection, fuel, etc.

It aims to provide the farmer fertilizers, plant protection, fuel, equipment for agriculture, elements for irrigation, seeds, etc.., With products at affordable prices and with quality assurance and advice for its proper implementation.

The cooperative consists in SERMUCO (Cooperative 2 grade within FECOAM) for the purchase of fertilizers in common benefit of the farmer adjusted prices, by buying a large scale.

Medio Ambiente

  • In 2007, endorses the Social Pact for Environment, the center grouping collaborator SIGFITO for recovery of packaging.
  • In 2008 comes into operation the plant discharges water mill.


Cooperative Agra - Calasparra (Murcia) - Tlf: (+34) 968 72 11 60 - Fax: (+34) 968 72 00 16 Credits

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