In Agra perform handling and marketing of stone fruit (apricot, peach, nectarine and plum) and nuts (almonds and walnuts).
We specialise in the production of fruit waste controlled less than 10 PPB.
We've created and commercialize Extra Virgin olive oil (conventional and organic / organic)



Photo by some apricots

The apricot variety of "Bula", is by far our flagship product, assuming a share in the business of the Cooperative 75% of the total number of pounds sold, with a potential production that exceeds the 7000 Tn.

From the family of "Rosaceous" apricot "apricot", originating from Asia, is perfectly suited to the area, which lies some agricultural condition ideals, why, their quality is highly regarded for consumption in fresh and for industrial use, by its high sugar content of 12-14 º brix.


Photo of a peach

From the family of Rosaceous peach species is native to China, where the references of its cultivation dating back over 3,000 years.

This is a deciduous fruit tree as the medium size variety and cultivation techniques, adapted to temperate zones where they give their optimum production, not very resistant to cold but able to withstand temperatures up to -15 ° C.

The fruit of peach is a drupe large hairy with thin skin and fleshy mesocarp which can be white or yellow, inside which is the bone with seed.

There are numerous varieties of peaches appear each year in the new market, thus renewing varietal is very fast especially among those earliest.

Among the varieties of classic pulp yellow and pink coloration outside / rosacea more common in the area: Florida, Spring Lady, Maycrest, Royal Glory, Rubi Rich, etc.. etc.. and among the external coloring Yellow: Tirrenia, Romea, Catherine, Andros, Babygold, Sudanell, etc.. etc..


Photo of a nectarine

From the same family as peach and mutation of this, the nectarine is characterized as a result of skin without villi, totally smooth bright, generally reddish-size similar to peach and more intense flavor.

Although there are references to its existence very old, the fact remains that in recent years when it has been booming as a result of its growing market demands and new consumption habits (no longer needs to be peeled), this has resulted in the emergence of different varieties in terms of type of pulp, precocity, colour, taste, etc.. The most implanted in the area are: Alicia, Red Diamon, Belle Top, Supermorena, etc. etc.

It was said that the nectarine was a mixture of peach and plum, but that was not true, the nectarine is a variety of peach that comes from a mutation of peach trees.


Photo by some plums

The plum is the fruit of plum, common name of subgenus plum. It is a drupe way round or oval, thin skin smooth covered with a white wax feature (pruina) of a different colour, according to varieties that can group among the green or family of Claudia and reddish / bluish between listed Santa Rosa and Red varieties American Beauty and the type Black.

The plum more representative in the area is Claudia Claudia de Tolosa or Bavais known locally as "Uncle fall." It is a variety that comes from France, very well adapted to the area, ideal for use in frescopor its high sugar content (16 th brix and older) and excellent fitness industry by having a pulp consistency ideal for making jams.

Frutos secos


The cooperative has since launched two years ago the commercialization of its partners almond varieties implanted in the area: Marcona, Fainting, Ramillete and Feragnes.


Ibero nut. All post-harvest handling is done by natural processes, both drying in the sun as it cleared the nut that is done without the use of any product whiteners or preservative (unlike with nut import), which keeps its flavor Naturally. Available for pre-commissioning. Packaged in different formats or shell beans.
Click on the following link to see some photographs of our nuts: Nuts gallery

Packaging oil

Nature and Tradition
The Calasparra and surrounding area, where the weather is fair, the undulating terrain, crossed from east to west by two mountain ranges that runs between the river Segura at an average altitude of 350m. above sea level, is an excellent environment for growing olives.

There are copies of olive trees centenaries of the traditional variety "cuquillo" today still productive, which attest to this.

UPON The cooperative was formed in 1991 by bringing together producers in the region. Thus, the oil-Extra Virgin UPON soon be accredited as a pure juice and olive oil in a spectacular quality.

We get as a result, an oil Extra Virgin, 100% natural juice of intense nice golden color palate, with a mixture of fresh fruit aromas, warmly final piñonero almonds.

As features could include:

  • Low acidity
  • Golden yellow color
  • Taste sweet soft
  • Aroma of fresh fruit

New actions
The continued demand for quality: cultivation, harvesting, sorting and handling of olives and oil production, is irrevocable and will be a priority objective of the cooperative.


Presentation of products

Plato cardboard / wood, bulk 5 kg. 40x30
Tray alveoli cardboard / wood 4 kg. 50x30
Bandejón cardboard alveoli 6.5 kg. 60x40
10x1 cardboard tray, baskets 10 kg. 60x40
Olive Oil
Garrafa polypropylene 5 l. Box of 4 Units.
Garrafa polypropylene 2 l. Box of 8 Units.
PET bottles 1 l. Box of 16 Units.
Glass Bottle 0.5 l. Gift case 3 Units. / Box of 6 Units.

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