Agriculture in Calasparra

There are three products that define the wealth of this geographical area belongs to the Northwest District of Murcia located in the high plain of the River Segura, rice, fruit and oil..

Overview of Calasparra rice paddies


Overview of Calasparra rice paddies

The terrain is generally hilly, crossed from west to east by two lines between the mountain facing the valley Segura to an average altitude of 350 m. above sea level. The areas are more flat occupied by new irrigation expansion of plantations of fruit trees watered by drip systems.

The soils are usually deep permeation of intermediate and texture Franco-clay-gritty, good ventilation, ideal for the smooth development of the root system of fruit. Because of its high concentration of features in limestone that requires active contributions to maintain the level of soil fertility, produces some fruit high sugar content, excellent for its special flavor, which makes them highly prized both for consumption as fresh for his incomparable quality for industrial use.

The climate

Overview of Calasparra rice paddies

Classified as a semi-arid Mediterranean Continental, for its low rainfall, have frost-free period of 232 days a year with a total of 952 hours / cold ideal for growing fruit and spindle also compatible with the cultivation of vegetables, where there is risk of frost for 29 days over the months of January and mid February, with average temperatures in December and January 6.9.


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