Welcome to Cooperativa Agra

Qualified as OPFH at national, has more than a thousand members in their sections of activity:

  • Fruits
  • Olive Oil Production
  • Nuts
  • Agricultural Supplies

Overview of the nave of Agra

The most important development experienced by the cooperative regardless of their growth, has been the farmer's expertise in farming techniques which respect the rational use of fertilizers and plant protection.


  • Organic Farming of Murcia
  • Integrated production
  • Eurep-Gap
Logo organic farming in the region of Murcia
Logo integrated production
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Upon receipt of fruit items are identified on an individual basis, giving each of them unique EAN bar code with which the product is labelled and that will remain in issuing the same whatever their target market.


Tampering with peach and nectarine in stock, is made by electronic gauges by weight and volume, the product being packaged by hand, which implies a prior review by the same before embedded. This process offers full guarantees of offering a product to market in optimal conditions.

Logo integrated production

Fruit Cooperative AGRA branded products are synonymous with guaranteed without pesticide residues and high quality.


Cooperative Agra - Calasparra (Murcia) - Tlf: (+34) 968 72 11 60 - Fax: (+34) 968 72 00 16 Credits

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